1947 Irish Sixpence Cufflinks


73rd Birthday Gift. 1947 Irish Sixpence cufflinks. These unique cufflinks are made from rare year 1947 Irish sixpence, the coins feature an Irish Wolfhound – as well as the Celtic harp symbolizing the history, culture and heritage of the Emerald isle. They are made by hand not machine and they come in a beautiful silver presentation box. You are covered with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Give a piece of history as a gift today. Hold the cursor over the image for a closer look.

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Cavan the All Ireland Senior Football Championship
Kilkenny  won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship


Alan Sugar (Businessman)
Ann Beattie (Writer)
Anne Archer (Actress)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor and Politician)
Billy Crystal (Musician)
Camilla Parker Bowles (Fiance of Prince Charles)
Camille Paglia (American Author)
Carlos Santana (Singer)
Salman Rushdie (British Novelist)
Stephen King (Author)
Susan Lucci (Actress)
Ted Danson (Actor)
Tom Daschle (American Politician)
Danielle Steele (Writer)
David Bowie (Singer)
David Letterman (American Talk Show Host)
Elton John (Singer)


Mobile Phones
Tupperware Seal
Famous Irish movies included
Captain Boycott
I See a Dark Stranger
My Wild Irish Rose
Odd Man Out


Ferrari begins production of Italian sports cars after having been involved in motor racing since 1929
UFO allegedly found on July 7th in the Roswell UFO incident
Polaroid Land Camera Demonstrated giving photos in 60 seconds
The United Nations votes in favor of the creation of an Independent Jewish State of Israel.
First Of The Dead Sea Scrolls Found in caves near Wadi Qumran
The US Gives $400 million in aid to Greek and Turkish governments to help fight the growth in communism
In the US The start of the Cold War which endured over four decades, from circa 1947 until the decline and eventual collapse of East European and Soviet state communism in the late 1980s.
The first Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Fringe festival opens for the performing arts.
In the US CIA established in 1947
The International Monetary Fund IMF begins to operate. which were caused by earthquake near the Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Philippines gains independence after 48 years of U.S. rule
Juan Domingo Peron, ( his Mistress is “Evita” ) is elected president in Argentina
(UNICEF) United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Established December 11th
Twelve high ranking Nazis are sentenced to death by the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg and hung on October 16th
War Crimes Trials are held in Tokyo for those accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during World War II.
William Joyce, (Lord Haw Haw), is hung for high treason
U.S. troops seize control of US railroads during rail unions strike
30 million people are close to dying of starvation in China
A major undersea earthquake Alaska measuring 7.4 magnitude in the north pacific ocean caused a Tsunami that by the time it reached Hawaii some 2,400 miles away the waves reached 60ft in height hit coastal areas of Hawaii causing the deaths of 150
The BBC Television Service begins broadcasting again
The US starts Atomic Tests on Bikini Atoll
AT&T announce first car phones
Piaggio produces the first successful motor scooter The Vespa
The first Cannes Film Festival takes place in Cannes
Tupperware sold in department and hardware stores